The Way Nature Does It

Bio Sewage Systems are not only simple, robust and environmentally friendly, but also have numerous benefits.

The benefits of the Bio Sewage Systems are:

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RECYCLE your black or grey water


IRRIGATE your gardens and lawns


SAVE water and electricity


ENVIROMENT SAFE clean, clear and odourless water

In contrast to Bio Sewage Systems, a septic tank and conventional soakage system pollutes the earth and deeper groundwater.

Many septic soak-away systems fail where there is badly drained soils (i.e. clay or shale) or high rainfalls. Ultimately these systems have to be drained to eliminate the harsh sewage odours produced, due to either being blocked up and/or flooded.

BSS, therefore, not only helps you to conserve potable water which is our world’s ever increasing commodity, but also helps to reduce your costs and effectively recycle black and grey water, allowing you to re-use the water already paid for.

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