Sewage Treatment Process

Compare Bio Sewage Systems to any of the current alternatives and we’re confident you’ll quickly see the benefits of our process – from the discreet installation to the extensive recycling capabilities of our 5 SHIN Technology®.

By employing nature’s most effective anaerobic processes we’re able to collect any grey and black water before passing it through our efficient sewage and waste water treatment stages, with an end result that’s ideal for use in irrigation, waterholes and many other applications around your commercial, industrial or private property or land.

From the initial pumping station that gathers your waste, all Bio Sewage treatment plants employ a multi-staged process that effectively processes and reprocesses your waste continuously until it meets the required levels of purity, including a final sterilisation stage that ensures the destruction of any remaining pathogens, resulting in clean, clear and odourless water that is low in nitrogen content and dissolved organic compounds.

If you’re considering the installation of any size sewage treatment system, talk to us today and we’ll be happy to explain why we firmly believe we offer the most cost-effective and efficient solution,  as well as the most environmentally-responsible option. With no soak-aways to pollute your ground-water and no bulky septic tanks to be emptied, Bio Sewage systems are cleaner, more convenient and far more hygienic than alternative methods of sewage treatment. We’re also able to easily scale an installation to meet any demand you have. Our turn-key systems range from 2,000 litres per day to 500,000 litres and on request we are easily able to install a bespoke solution that will provide sewage treatment for any amount of throughput.

With Bio Sewage treatments systems you can be sure that any recycled water meets the current legislations regarding effluent purification, contributes towards a lower carbon footprint and reduces your reliance on both electricity and fresh water supplies.

Contact us today for more information on the Bio Sewage range of sewage treatment reactors and we’ll be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

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