Biological sewage treatment Process

If you’re currently considering upgrading or installing a sewage treatment system for your commercial, industrial or private property or land, spend just a few minutes browsing our site and we can point out some of the many benefits of our true biological sewage treatment solution. By using our 5 SHIN® technology our reactors make use of nature’s own methods – including anoxic, aerobic and anaerobic systems, effectively breaking down the suspended and dissolved solids in both grey and black water, and working continuously to create clear, clean, odourless and reusable water.

By recycling water you’ve already paid for, our biological sewage treatment can enable you to make substantial savings on both energy and water over the lifecycle of the equipment, and the water produced by our reactors can be used for a wide range of applications around your property. Unlike existing soak-aways or septic tanks that merely store or dispose of your waste water, our system returns much of the water you’ve paid for and allows to you reuse it as required. Our biological sewage treatment installations are self-contained and won’t fail or flood during periods of heavy rain, and you won’t suffer from obnoxious odours during the warmer weather either – allowing you to position our treatment plants in almost any location on your premises.

With very low energy use required for normal operation, our Four Stage system begins with the collection of waste water and sewage from your property, as well as processing solids to create sludge that is more easily digested by the bio-reactor tanks. As reduction takes place and any residual organics are broken down, the product of this stage moves forward for clarification, separating sludge for reprocessing and clear water that undergoes sterilisation to remove any residual pathogens, giving you recycled water for irrigation, game waterholes, etc.

We, at Bio Sewage Systems, are committed to delivering customised, efficient and cost-effective solutions that provide superior levels of biological sewage treatment and a sustainable supply of recycled water.

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