Maputo Olympic Stadium

Customer Background

The 10th All-Africa Games took place from 3 to 18 September 2011 in Maputo, Mozambique and featured 20 sports, 2 of which also featured disabled events (athletics and swimming). Maputo’s hosting marked only the third time the Games was held in the southern part of the continent. (Courtesy of

Waste Water Challenge

Located on the Indian Ocean, the Eastern African country of Mozambique suffers from lack of sanitation processes–specifically the lack of a solid waste removal system as well as sewage treatment. The capital city of Maputo feels the worst of these consequences. Piles of garbage line the streets, and the sewage in the river is visibly thick.

Sewage Treatment Solution

BioMoz, an agent of Bio Sewage Systems, negotiated and secured the job with the customer in Mozambique.  A 500-cube sewage treatment plant was designed, manufactured and installed for the Maputo Stadium and Olympic Villages (i.e. approximately 180 apartments with adjacent flats and offices). The WWT plant was fully operational by 25 August 2011. Due to its modular design, this plant can be upgraded to cater for 900-cube.

BSS installed the third phase for the Stadium in September 2013, which the upgrade from a 500 Cube plant to a 750 Cube plant.  Prior to this installation, the plant was originally designed for a 500 Cube per day and was handling twice the designed capacity (i.e. over 1 million litres per day) and the water quality was still very good. Potential upgrade in 2014 for a further 250 Cube.

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